Smart moves around the world

Here’s a sidebar from The Gazette about smart city initiatives around the world. They mentioned the City Côte of Saint-Luc’s adoption of the SeeClickFix app to report non-emergency issues, like potholes. There’s also a quote from me.

Montreal Gazette

Here are a few of the more innovative and successful examples of smart city initiatives:

Vienna: Viennese citizens can purchase solar panels to go into a solar power plant. The first crowd-funded solar power plant, with 2,100 panels feeding energy into the Vienna power grid and capable of producing solar power for 200 homes, opened in May 2012. The panels sold out within a week. Four such plants have been completed to date. Austrian citizens can pay $1,280 Canadian for a full panel, or half that for a half panel. Buyers get a return of 3.1 per cent deposited into their accounts every year. When the life of the plant is up is up in 25 years, the city will buy back the panels from citizens. Vienna also recently created a public-private entity called TINA Vienna that is responsible for developing smart city strategies, and lists 100 projects being developed, blogger and climate…

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