About Magic Max’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal

We bought Manischewitz-brand Magic Max’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal lasy week because the photo on the box made it look so darn good with chocolate sprinkles galore. It even looks better than Cookie Crisp cereal.

Magic Max's Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal
A promising beginning

The first disappointment was the inner-bag size. I should have been prepared for this. It’s not my first year eating Passover cereal. And the box does clearly state 156g. (Fool me twice, etc.)

Magic Max uses his powers to shrink the inside bag.
Magic Max uses his powers to shrink the inside bag.

The second disappointment was the look of the actual cereal. It was not exactly as pictured on the box. And there were also a few Sunny O’s in there. Something else looks like a chocolate version of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal. Maybe it’s another cereal from Manischewitz or the regular cereal got caught in the cocoa powder too long.

Did Magic Max make the sprinkles disappear?
Did Magic Max make the sprinkles disappear?

The final disappointment was the smell. My wife thinks it went bad. I’m not sure. It might just be the regular smell. The best before date is August 20, 2015. We bought it at the IGA on Salaberry near the Marché de l’ouest. I’ve contacted the people at Manischewitz to ask about whether the expiry date indicates it was from last year’s stock or this year’s. I’ll update this when I get the answer.

Bottom line: enjoy your matzoh and jam and forget these cereals.

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