How I learned to stop worrying and love the Shopkins (and why you should too)

My thinking has evolved on Shopkins — those miniature toys in the shapes of household items and food that are the hot toy right now. At first I thought, oh great, my daughters are being sucked into the world of collecting things. While that’s still true, here’s what’s also true:

1. My street turns into a Shopkins trading market at least twice a week, which is teaching my kids about making deals.

2. Shopkins inventory is counted out loud several times a day, which is teaching my kids that counting has a real purpose beyond showing off that you can make it to 100.

3. The Shopkins inventory sheet is read again and again, which demonstrates that you can read to learn, not just learn to read.

4. New words have been added to my kids’ vocabulary, including duplicates, common, rare, ultra-rare, limited edition, special edition, and blind basket.

You win, Shopkins. My kids are addicted to your profit-making toy. But I’m going to have the last laugh.

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