How to become shopping-cart neutral

How to become shopping cart neutral

Becoming carbon neutral means that if you want to pollute a little, you have to clean the air a little too in the same proportion. Drive car? Then plant a tree.

I propose a less grand, but more easily attainable initiative that everyone can do immediately. Become shopping-cart neutral.

Here’s my idea: if you plan on bringing your full shopping cart to the parking lot and leaving it in those parking lot huts, no problem. Just bring in someone else’s shopping cart from the parking lot before you start shopping.

When you do this, you have not added to the net shopping carts in the parking lot. You just removed one and later added one. You are are now shopping-cart neutral. You will feel like a good person, and people who see you do it will believe you are a good person.

Note: the author worked at a supermarket for many years and was that guy who had to bring in all those carts. He wishes someone else had floated this idea back then.

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