Birdman could have used some editing

Birdman may be a great movie in some way I don’t understand. But it’s not a particularly good movie and by good movie I mean a movie you want to watch again. After 90 minutes, it felt like I had been watching for 2 hours. You can imagine what those last 30 minutes felt like.

I get that it must have been hard to film it in one shot without cuts. That seems gimmicky to me. Editing makes movies better. Also, the last shot was no good. Are we to believe that his delusions are not really delusions? Or that he and his daughter are connected in some weird way and his delusions have spread to her? This was like a Bobby-Ewing-in-the-shower ending.

Compare Birdman with previous Oscar winner The Social Network, which was on ABC on Saturday night. I  would watch that movie again and again. I don’t care for great movies, unless they are also good ones.


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